It’s been a long time coming, this post. i didn’t know it would be like this, with the exhibition, the postpartum-feeling and then the urge to go on to new things. So here I am so much later… I will at the very least get some pictures up of my work, and who knows, that might spark some small words into a medium-sized text to go with it. We’ll see.


P1000879 P1000880 P1000867 P1000863 P1000860 P1000858 P1000855 P1000851 P1000843 P1000845 P1000847 P1000849


P1000842 P1000837


I remember saying many months ago, that my definition of success in my art work would be to be able to share my work and to get some acknowledgement for what I do… Well I did, and I got it! I even got some things sold. Feeling very happy, and also proud of myself for having pulled it off. Though I wasn’t alone, ever. I had so much help in every sense from some really good friends, old and new. I’m truly grateful.